Shake-N-Go Freetress Braid Crochet - 3X Pacific Curl 18”

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Shake-N-Go Freetress Braid Crochet - 3X Pacific Curl 18” has tight yet soft curls that you can twist or style as you please that's also full of volume!
3 bundles in just one pack! Wear our Pacific Curl as is or twist it up to give it a completely different look!


1) Are crochet braids healthy for my hair?

Answer: Crochet braids are a versatile protective hairstyle that won't harm your natural hair if you take care of it with frequent shampooing, deep conditioning treatments, and regular upkeep.

2) Can I comb crochet hair?

Answer: Do not comb or brush crochet braids; instead, use your fingers to finger-detangle hair if it is matted or tangled. You can also use scissors to cut the knots or tangles if the hair's ends are very tangled.

3) How often should I wash my crochet hair?

Answer: The decision to wash crochet braided hair extensions is a personal one, but in general, if you plan to wear any hair extensions for longer than three weeks, it is preferable to wash your own hair to prevent buildup or potential matting.