Shake-N-Go Freetress Braid Crochet - 3X Large Passion Twist 18”

Color: #1
Sale price$10.99


Shake-N-Go Freetress Braid Crochet 3X Large Passion Twist 18” is the perfect size Passion Twist that has an incredible texture and quality, resulting in an amazing finish!


1) Can I put mousse on crochet hair?

Answer: Some people suggest using alcohol-free mousse to maintain crochet braids, but I don't use it because I think it causes a crusty buildup on my hair. As required, cut the ends. Over the course of the style, crochet hair will inevitably become a little frizzy at the ends.

2) How often should I wash my crochet braids?

Answer: The decision to wash crochet braided hair extensions is a personal one, but in general, if you plan to wear any hair extensions for longer than three weeks, it is preferable to wash your own hair to prevent buildup or potential matting.

3) Can I comb crochet hair?

Answer: Do not comb or brush crochet braids; instead, use your fingers to finger-detangle hair if it is matted or tangled. You can also use scissors to cut the knots or tangles if the hair's ends are very tangled.

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