Senstionnel Lulutress Crochet Braiding Hair - Water Wave 24

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Senstionnel Lulutress Crochet Braiding Hair - Water Wave 24" is the classic water wave curl pattern that is perfect for a year-round style.
  • Soft Texture & Natural Luster
  • Long-lasting Natural Curl
  • Easy Styling & Maintenance
  • Affordable Price


1) How long do crochet braids last?

Answer: Expect your crochet braids to last at least four weeks, depending on how well you care for them. Plan to get them removed in no more than eight weeks. Protect your style in the same manner you would your natural curls before going to sleep.

2) How often should I wash my crochet braids?

Answer: It's an elevated wash day but a very necessary one. In fact, washing your braids and or cleansing your scalp every other week will eliminate product buildup, sweat, dirt, improve scalp health and prolong your style.

3) Can I moisturize crochet hair?

Answer: Water, Aloe Vera juice, or even a liquid leave-in conditioner that may be sprayed with a spray bottle are all acceptable alternatives. Focus on the ends as they tend to dry out more quickly.