Sensationnel Ruwa Crochet Braiding Hair - Spring Twist 12"

Color: #1
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Sensationnel Ruwa Crochet Braiding Hair - Spring Twist 12" is a 

Spring Twist made with Aquatex fiber.
This item has all the advantages of Ruwa Braid items and can be styled as it is or twisted into a Bomb Twist.

  • Made With Aquatex® Fiber From Kanekalon®
  • Water Repellent
  • Fast Drying
  • Lightweight and Soft
  • Perfect Hair For An Active Lifestyle


1) How long does it take to install crochet??

Answer: Given that crocheting hair doesn't require much time, it can significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on hair care in the morning. The actual application procedure should take about an hour, depending on how many braids you want to crochet.

2) Can I reuse crochet hair?

Answer: Yes, you can reuse crochet braids. Loose hair on the other hand, may be a little tricky.

3) Why do you put mousse on braids?

Answer: Foaming mousse is meant to add hold, shine, and volume to your hair. It's best to use it on damp hair for best results. It works best with braid-outs and twist-outs, but these aren't the only styles you can use it with. Try it with your next wash and go and see how it turns out.