Sensationnel Instant Up & Down Synthetic Ponytail & Half Wig - UD 9

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Sensationnel Instant Up & Down Synthetic Ponytail & Half Wig - UD 9 is a crimp curl pattern with deep wave 


  • 100% Premium Fiber
  • Pack Includes 1 HALF WIG + 1 PONY WRAP
  • 1PK / 4 Styles - Half up, Half down / Up-do / Pony Wrap / Half wig
  • Heat Safe up to 400F



1) How long does a synthetic ponytail last?

Answer: You don't have to worry about excessive tangling, dryness, or color loss with synthetic hair. It doesn't stay as long, though. Expect to get a good three to six months out of it if you wear it every day, for instance, if it's stitched in or if you have synthetic hair braids.

2) Can I hot comb a synthetic wig?

Answer: Avoid using a high heat setting since the fibers can melt. At the same time, move the comb/brush and hair dryer downwards. Place the comb/brush at the wig's roots once the part of hair is entirely tangle-free. Make sure the bristles are hidden beneath the strands. 

3) How to guide for this wig?


  • Part your hair from ear to ear to the top of the head. Dividing hair into two sections (Top & Bottom).
  • (Half Wig) Insert front comb, hold the cap down, and insert the back comb. Secure both sides of the cap using bobby pins.
  • Tie your top section into a high ponytail (tie with a small portion of the half wig for more volume and secure fit) and make sure the half wig is covered.
  • (Pony Wrap) Insert the comb between hair and ponytail, and secure with bobby pins. Wrap the hair around and secure with bobby pins to hold the wrapped hair.