Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Headband Wig - Unit 1

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Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Headband Wig - Unit 1

Classic straight style for any occasion

  • Functional & Chic On-the-go Styles That Are Great For Any Occasion.
  • Headband Is Made With Cool-Fit Fabric That Actively Pulls Heat From Your Scalp.
  • Drawstring Cap Can Be Adjusted To Fit Various Head Sizes.
  • Combs For Extra Security.


1) Are headband wigs good for hair?

Answer: These wigs can protect the edges of your hair because it doesn't use any paste in a small amount. There are no strands of hair with a headband. You will not invest a small amount in energy cutting tapes, and you will not stick glue to the scalp. This style will keep your scalp healthy.

2) Can I sleep in a headband wig?

Answer: It is feasible to sleep in your wig without causing damage to the hair if you do not do it on a regular basis.

3) Can I wash my synthetic headband wig?

Answer: Wash your hair completely from top to bottom with cool, clean water, making sure to eliminate all traces of shampoo. Furthermore, we believe it is preferable to wash the headband with shampoo or fabric softener in the same manner as your clothes.