Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Full Wig - Unit 7

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Color: #2
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Synthetic Full Wig

Unit 7 is a simple bowl cut style.


1) Can I dye synthetic wigs?

Answer: Yes, you can technically dye your synthetic wigs, but we do not recommend dying synthetic wigs as you run the risk of completing ruining your wig. Some wigs are easier to dye than others like wigs made with human hair. 

2) Can I wear synthetic wig in the sun?

Answer: Wearing synthetic hair on the beach without covering up is not advised. The color may fade and the wig's structure may be damaged by prolonged direct sunlight. Wear a scarf or a big, floppy hat to shield your wig from the sun if you intend to spend a lot of time outside.

3) How do I manage synthetic hair?

Answer: 1. It can be worn with little or no styling.
2. Do not comb the synthetic wig when it is wet.
3. Use products which are specifically made to suit the synthetic wig.
4. Use a synthetic hair comb and not a regular brush.
5. Be gentle with the hairpiece.
6. Just pat with a dry towel to dry incase it gets wet.