Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Full Wig - Unit 1

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Color: #1B
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Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Full Wig - Unit 1

Unit 1 has classic finger wave style curls that redefine this precision cut.


1) Why do synthetic wigs get frizzy?

Answer: When you use synthetic wigs on a regular basis, they become frizzy. When you put these wigs near heating appliances, they lose their attractive look and shape. The wigs become drier as a result of the heat, and the synthetic fibers begin to produce static electricity.

2) How do I make synthetic wig look more realistic?

Answer: Underneath your wig, put on a wig cap. This will ensure that your wig fits properly and looks natural on your head. Secure the wig to the cap with bobby pins. This will prevent the wig from causing any strange bumps or lumps on your head.

3) Can I pluck my synthetic wig?

Answer: Yes, you can totally pluck your synthetic wigs.

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