Sensationnel Cloud 9 RUWA 4x4 Synthetic Swiss Lace Wig - Box Braid 36"

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Sensationnel Cloud 9 RUWA 4x4 Synthetic Swiss Lace Wig - Box Braid 36"

Cloud 9 Synthetic 4×4 Braid Swiss Lace Wig items are 4×4 Braid Lace Wigs made with Aquatex, which can easily change the parting position like 4×4 lace wig and has water repellent function like Ruwa Braid. Also, the wigs are very light-weight, compared to other braid lace wig items.


1) How do I manage a synthetic wig?

Answer: 1. It can be worn with little or no styling. 
2. Do not comb the synthetic wig when it is wet.
3. Use products which are specifically made to suit the synthetic wig.
4. Use a synthetic hair comb and not a regular brush.
5. Be gentle with the hairpiece.
6. Just pat with a dry towel to dry incase it gets wet.

2) Can I hot comb a synthetic wig?

Answer: Avoid using a high heat setting since the fibers can melt. At the same time, move the comb/brush and hair dryer downwards. Place the comb/brush at the wig's roots once the part of hair is entirely tangle-free. Make sure the bristles are hidden beneath the strands. 

3) Is Swiss lace good for wigs?

Answer: Swiss lace is the most common lace type used in wigs. It's gentle on the skin, simple to use, and lets your scalp to breathe freely. The endurance of Swiss lace — it can tolerate more pressure than other lace kinds – is possibly its most significant advantage.