Sensationnel Bare Lace 13x6 Synthetic HD Lace Wig - Unit 4

Color: #1
Sale price$45.00 USD


Introducing Sensationnel Bare Lace 13x6 Synthetic HD Lace Wig - Unit 4: Luxurious Extra-Long Length with Voluminous Barrel Curls

Unit 4 from the Bare Lace collection by Sensationnel is a synthetic HD lace wig that defines glamour with its extra-long length and lavish barrel curls. Immerse yourself in the allure of cascading curls that seamlessly blend comfort and high fashion.

**Key Features:**

1. **Extra-Long Length with Barrel Curls:** Unit 4 showcases a head-turning extra-long length adorned with voluminous barrel curls, creating a striking and glamorous look that exudes confidence.

2. **Non-Lift Melt Bare Luxe Lace™:** Revel in a 40% thinner lace for a lightweight and virtually seamless fit, ensuring the wig sits snugly against the skin without any lifting for a flawless appearance.

3. **Extra Transparent Bare Luxe Lace™:** The lace features an extra transparent design with a 20% larger grid, providing an undetectable blend that enhances the overall natural look of the wig.

4. **True Glueless Construction:** Experience true glueless wear with the breathable mesh cap, wig band, and silicon lining. This ensures a secure and comfortable installation without the need for adhesives.

5. **13x6 Lace Area:** The extra-large 13x6 lace area is 100% hand-tied, allowing for realistic parting in any direction. Enjoy the freedom to customize your style for a natural and authentic appearance.

6. **Dissipates Light for Matte Finish:** The lace material is skillfully designed to dissipate light, creating a non-reflective matte finish that enhances the wig's overall realism and natural appeal.

7. **Reinforced Tear-Resistant Lace:** The lace material is strengthened for durability and tear resistance, ensuring a long-lasting wig that withstands the rigors of daily wear.

Indulge in the opulence of Sensationnel Bare Lace 13x6 Synthetic HD Lace Wig - Unit 4. Elevate your style effortlessly with extra-long, voluminous barrel curls that make a statement. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and high fashion, where every wear is a celebration of beauty and confidence.

Step into the world of Unit 4, where glamour knows no bounds and your style speaks volumes.