Mitchell Brands Precious Brightening Gel 1oz/30g

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Formulated in a light refreshing texture, Brightening Gel is quickly absorbed, brightening dull uneven skin tones, and promoting a luminous complexion. Leaves skin looking healthy and youthful.

 Skin Concern

Sun Exposure

 Used on 


 Skin Type 

Dry Skin  
Normal Skin 
Oily Skin

 Key Highlights 

• Good for Sun Exposure/Skin Tone
• Used on: Face
• Promote a luminous complexion

 Key Ingredients 

Alpha Arbutin Complex


Apply a thin layer of Brightening Gel preferably at night to clean, dry skin.


Follow up with our Skin Protect SPF 50 Sunscreen every morning during and after treatment and limit sun exposure in order to maintain an even skin tone.

 Key Ingredients 
Alpha Arbutin Complex