Personna Single Edge Razor Blades - 5pc/pk

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Introducing Personna Single Edge Razor Blades, the ultimate choice for precision hair shaping and sculpting.

Crafted from the highest grade surgical stainless steel, these blades are precision manufactured to exacting standards. Each blade is tempered, sharpened, and honed to ensure exceptional quality and performance.

Coated with Vydax for smoothness and durability, these blades provide a seamless grooming experience. Whether you're shaping, feathering, sculpting, or texturizing hair, Personna blades deliver professional-grade results.

Compatible with the Personna Pirouette Hair Shaper Razor, Personna Classic Hair Shaper, and Personna Hair Shaper Razor, these replacement blades offer versatility and reliability.

Elevate your grooming routine with Personna Single Edge Razor Blades and experience the precision and quality that professionals trust.