Outre X-Pression Lil Looks Crochet Braiding Hair - Butterfly Passion Twist 8"

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Outre Synthetic X-pression Lil Looks Braid - BUTTERFLY PASSION TWIST 8


X-Pression Lil Looks creates long-lasting, kid-friendly crochet styles for your little cutie. Our crochet pieces are the perfect size - not too long or too full, and made with resilient fibers that maintain a neat look longer. Easy to install and comfortable to wear - X-Pression Lil Looks is the styling solution that makes everyone happy.

  • Made with 100% Premium Synthetic Fiber
  • Quick, Long-Lasting Protective Style
  • Easy to Maintain & Manage
  • Soft Texture & Lightweight
  • Kid-Friendly Crochet Sizes & Lengths


1) Does crochet damage the natural hair?
Answer: Crochet braids are a versatile protective hairstyle that won't harm your natural hair if you take care of it with frequent shampooing, deep conditioning treatments, and regular upkeep.

2) How long does a wig install last?

Answer: A wig install will last anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. After that time, you'll need to remove your wig and re-install it from scratch. 

3) Should I wash crochet hair before installing?

Answer: Before you begin, ensure sure your hair is properly moisturized: Shampoo hair twice with a clarifying shampoo—using a sulfate-free shampoo, apply 2 rounds of shampoo to hair to remove any buildup or residue from any previous hairstyles.