Outre SleekLay Part Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - Asmara

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Outre SleekLay Part Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - Asmara is a synthetic deep curl lace front wig that is 26" long. It has a deep side parting and flat lace finish. 


1) How to maintain HD lace wig?

Answer: Wash your HD lace wig in lukewarm or cold water. Apply the hair conditioner, being careful not to get conditioner on the wig's roots. Continue rinsing with water after 3-4 minutes. Using a clean towel, pat the wig dry.

2) Is HD lace good for dark skin?

Answer: Transparent lace only looks well on lighter skin and does not integrate well with dark skin. Between the two, HD lace is the superior choice because it blends in well with any skin tone.

3) Do lace front wigs affect my hair growth?

Answer: Wearing a wig will not prevent hair growth. However, if the hair beneath your wig isn't properly protected or cared for, it can cause damage to your hair and stunt its growth.