Outre Mytresses Gold Human Hair Lace Front Wig - Isadora

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Outre Mytresses Gold Human Hair Lace Front Wig - Isadora is a 100% Unprocessed Human Hair Lace Front with 9A Quality Human Hair.

  • 100% Unprocessed Human Hair
  • 9+ Grade Quality Human Hair
  • Faux Scalp Parting with a More Transparent HD Lace
  • Easy to Tint Lace
  • Extra Nape Coverage


1) How is HD lace different from normal lace?

Answer: When wearing a wig, the goal is to make it appear as natural as possible. HD lace is more see-through than regular lace, allowing it to blend more naturally into the scalp and hide the hairline.

2) How often should I wash my human hair wig?

Answer: Your human hair wig should be washed every 7-14 days of wear. The longevity of your wig is diminished every time you wash it.

3) Are lace front wigs uncomfortable?

Answer: On warmer days, the translucent lace includes microscopic holes that let air to move freely throughout the scalp, preventing you from feeling overheated and uncomfortable. In a nutshell, wearing a lace front wig in the summer is incredibly cool and pleasant, which is why so many people prefer them.