Mitchell Brands Omic Brightening Cream 1.7oz/50g

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Mitchell Brands Omic Brightening Cream 1.7oz/50g


The Omic Brightening Cream is a light-textured cream.

 Skin Concern

Dark Spots

 Used on 

Full Body

 Skin Type 

All Skin Types

 How it Works 
The Alpha Arbutin complex is a skin brightening ingredient that helps to fade scars and pigmentation left behind by breakouts and sun damage.
This Omic Brightening Cream is formulated to fade discolored areas and restore an even skin tone. It safely and quickly penetrates the skin and absorbs quickly, thereby lightening the skin imperfections and preventing the formation of new spots.

 Key Highlights 
• Good for: Dark Spots/Pigmentation
• Used on: Full body
• Skin nourishing cream
• Ideal for: Radiant skin
• Moisturizing cream
• Quick absorbent
 Key Ingredients 

Alpha Arbutin Complex, Glycerin


• Cleanse skin and pat dry
• Apply a thin layer of Omic cream
• Use it preferably at night
• Follow up with sunscreen SPF30 for sun protection
• Limit sun exposure