Model Model Gardenia Synthetic Ponytail - Straight 36"

Color: #OT30
Sale price$10.00 USD


Model Model Gardenia Synthetic Ponytail Straight 36" is a drawstring ponytail in the same great texture and quality as Gardenia bundle hair. It has great volume with soft texture that is pre-stretched for tangle-free styling.

 Color Shown : #OP1B30


1) How do I keep my synthetic ponytail from sagging?

Answer: Spray your synthetic ponytail with the diluted fabric softener. Apply the diluted fabric softener to the front, back, and sides of your ponytail, paying careful attention to any frizzy or tangled parts. Keep spraying until you've covered the entire ponytail with the mixture.

2) Is drawstring ponytail a protective style?

Answer: A drawstring ponytail is one of my favorite protective styling options. I adore how they appear natural and how adaptable they are for everyday life. In less than a minute, you may quickly switch from a natural to a protected style.

3) How long does a synthetic ponytail last?

Answer: You don't have to worry about excessive tangling, dryness, or color loss with synthetic hair. It doesn't stay as long, though. Expect to get a good three to six months out of it if you wear it every day, for instance, if it's stitched in or if you have synthetic hair braids.