Model Model Crochet Glance Braid - 3X PRESTRETCHED BOX BRAID 26"

Color: #30
Sale price$12.99 USD


Model Model 3X Pre-stretched Box Braid 26" is a 3X value-pack with pre-looped box braids in a natural texture and pre-stretched ends!


1) How do I soothe my scalp after braids?

Answer: Gently massage tea tree oil or lavender oil into the area of your scalp that is bothering you to help ease the tension there. Both of these oils offer anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities.

2) Can I wash box braids?

Answer: Once a month, give your box braids a gentle wash with diluted shampoo and conditioner to maintain and keep them healthy. After washing, be sure to moisturize and give your hair some moisture back with a natural oil and leave-in conditioner.

3) Are box braids for everyone?

Answer: For someone who wants an uncomplicated, low-maintenance hairstyle, box braids are perfect. Anyone with hair long enough to braid can wear box braids, regardless of texture.