Mitchell Brands Neoprosone Brightening Serum 1oz/30ml

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Mitchell Brands Neoprosone Brightening Serum 1oz/30ml


Neoprosone Brightening Skin Serum is a fast-absorbing serum that contains an alpha-arbutin complex that works deep into the skin, helps fade areas of discoloration, and restores a young and healthy complexion. 

 Used on 

It is suitable for use on the face, providing a potent and concentrated treatment for enhancing your skin's radiance and clarity.

 Skin Type 

Neoprosone Brightening Serum is designed to accommodate various skin types, catering to normal, dry, oily, and sensitive skin. It's a versatile product suitable for all, promising improved skin radiance and clarity.

 Skin Concern

Dark Brown Spots
Discolored Areas of Skin

 How it Works 
Neoprosone Brightening Serum contains safe brightening properties of arbutin complex that help reduce the intensity of dark brown spots and result in smooth and even-toned skin.
Antioxidants like vitamin C fight harmful toxins, neutralize free radicals and protect the skin.

The Neoprosone Brightening Serum is a face serum formulated to promote an even skin tone. The alpha-arbutin works deep into the skin to remove dark spots and gives you youthful, healthy skin. It promotes collagen formation and reduces skin inflammation.  

 Key Highlights 
• Good for Dark spots/ Skin discoloration
• Helps keep skin supple
• Useful in giving a luminous glow
 Key Ingredients 

Alpha Arbutin Complex, Vitamin C, Lactic Acid

• Cleanse skin and dry
• Apply a thin layer of Neoprosone Whitening Serum directly to brown spots on the skin and discolored areas
• Preferably apply at night
• Follow up with minimum SPF-30 or higher during and after brightening care