Mitchell Brands Carotis Lightening Glycerin with Carrot Oil 2oz/60ml

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Mitchell Brands Carotis Lightening Glycerin with Carrot Oil 2oz/60ml


Carotis Glycerin Lightening Oil 60ml is a meticulously crafted skincare product designed to elevate your daily routine. This innovative oil combines the power of glycerin and effective lightening agents in a luxurious, lightweight formula. It's intended to provide deep nourishment and support a brighter, more even skin tone. With each use, your skin absorbs the goodness of this oil, leaving it looking radiant and revitalized.

 Used on 

Carotis Glycerin Lightening Oil is suitable for use on the hands and body, offering comprehensive skincare benefits for your entire body.

 Skin Concern

Carotis Glycerin Lightening Oil effectively addresses various skin concerns related to uneven skin tone, dark spots, and the desire for a brighter complexion, making it an essential addition to your skincare regimen.  

 Skin Type 

It is suitable for all skin types, accommodating normal, dry, oily, and sensitive skin. Regardless of your skin type, you can enjoy the nourishing and lightening benefits of this oil.   How it Works 

Carotis Glycerin Lightening Oil 60ml operates through a carefully formulated blend of ingredients that work in synergy to bring out the best in your skin. Glycerin, a key component, acts as a powerful moisturizer, locking in hydration and helping to maintain your skin's suppleness. Additionally, the lightening agents in this innovative formula target areas of uneven skin tone, working diligently to reduce the appearance of dark spots and promote a more balanced complexion.

 Key Highlights 

• Innovative Lightening Oil with Glycerin
• Deep Nourishment for Radiant Skin
• Targets Uneven Skin Tone and Dark Spots
• Lightweight and Luxurious 60ml Bottle
• Elevate Your Skincare Routine 

 Key Ingredients 

Glycerin: Renowned for its moisturizing properties, glycerin deeply hydrates the skin, maintaining its suppleness. Lightening Agents: Specific lightening agents work to reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone, promoting a brighter complexion.


To get the most out of Carotis Glycerin Lightening Oil, wet your hands or body with water. Apply a small amount of the oil, gently massaging it onto your skin to ensure complete coverage. Use it daily for effective lightening and nourishment. For external use only. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.