Mayde Beauty Candy HD Lace Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Lorelle

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Color: #2
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 Synthetic Lace Front Wig is a bob style with a flip side bang with soft HD ear to ear lace. Lorelle is beginner friendly and easy to wear with minimal styling required! Available in our special "Swirl" color! Swirl color features light shades of highlights on a dark base. This method makes the lighter highlights stand out that much more!


1) Can I shower with this wig on?

Answer: With a lace wig, you may shower. Although we can shower while wearing a lace wig, inexpensive lace wigs cannot be washed on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that lace wigs are not the same as natural hair, which may absorb moisture and oils from the scalp.

2) How do I make synthetic wigs look more realistic?

Answer: Underneath your wig, put on a wig cap. This will ensure that your wig fits properly and looks natural on your head. Secure the wig to the cap with bobby pins. This will prevent the wig from causing any strange bumps or lumps on your head.

3) Why does my synthetic wig tangle?

Answer: Tangling can be caused by a variety of factors, including how skillfully the wig is manufactured, whether the cuticles are all pointing in the same way, and whether it's been chemically or color-treated; if the hair is set incorrectly or has been highly treated, it's more likely to tangle.