Laude & Co. Premium Synthetic Full Wig - UG008 Celine

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Laude & Co Premium Synthetic Hair Full Wig - UG008 CELINE


"SOFT BANG Blunt Cut"

- Ready to Wear
- Fraiche Antibacterial Cap
- FlexFit Cap
- Heat Styling


1) How often should I wash my synthetic hair?

Answer: After 6-8 wears, or every two to three weeks, your wig should be washed. However, how often you should wash your wig is influenced by your lifestyle. You should wash it more frequently if you're around a lot of smoke, perfume, or strong aromas of any type.

2) Are synthetic wigs worth it?

Answer: Synthetic hair wigs are made of man-made fibers that last far longer than human hair. The most obvious advantage of synthetic wigs is that they are already styled. And the capacity to maintain a certain style regardless of the circumstances. It won't become flat or frizzy even if it's humid outside.

3) Can I pluck my synthetic wig?

Answer: Yes, you can totally pluck your synthetic wigs.