Ghost Bond Wig Glue Adhesive 1.3oz

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Ghost Bond was specially formulated by Professional Hair Labs under the auspices of a team of chemists who develop surgical adhesives. Professional Hair Labs always puts safety first. All you do is apply to the tip of your finger or use a small brush and then apply it on your skin and allow to dry clear taking about 3 to 5 minutes and then apply2 to 3 more thin layers to the scalp area let dry till adhesive is clear. Now attach the hair system to your head. Once you attach your hair system, you will need to rub the area to create a strong bond. I like to use the back end of my hairbrush and rub it back and forth to create a strong seal/bond. You can clean your finger or brush using just water & soap. Remove your wig using just about any adhesive solvent. I prefer to use 99.0% Medical Alcohol.

  • Full head bond, Easy cleanup, safe for all types of caps.
  • Contains no latex, no harsh solvents or any of the irritants frequently found in cheaper formulations.
  • Specially formulated for oily scalps, high humidity, and heavy perspiration.
  • Ideal for attaching your lace or skin system to your head.