Darling Bohemian Braid Hair Extensions Pre-Stretched 3X Pack 52"

Color: #1B
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             Darling Bohemian Braid Hair Extensions Pre-Stretched 3X Pack 52"

Darling’s Bohemian Braid is made with premium quality synthetic fibers that are tangle-free, easy to manage, and soft to the touch. Darling's premium textured fibers blends seamlessly with natural and straightened hair.

Darling is Natural Textured and Simply Beautiful Hair Extensions. We meet the needs and ingenuity of young multifaceted black women who desire protective styling extensions that resemble and perform like healthy textured hair. Darling specializes in the elevation of simplistic beauty and the illumination of confidence, instantly transforming how a woman sees herself and how she’s treated in the world.

Darling celebrates any ambitious young woman who’s working her way to the top. We’re with her on her journey to becoming, making her look good and feel confident enough to make her dreams a reality.

    * Key Features

• Natural & Soft Texture • Tangle-Free • No Shedding

• Long- Lasting• Light & Ready to Wear • Natural Luster • Premium Synthetic Fiber

* Styling Tips

• Feed-in Braids• Individual Braids• Goddess Braids• Cornrows• Side-Swept Cornrows• Braided Ponytail


Wrap your hair up at night with a satin bonnet or scarf to reduce friction and frizz.

                                        WASHING TIPS 
Frequent washing affects luster and shine. However, in case of build up from gels and product from hair


• Dilute shampoo with water, apply to scalp and gently massage.

• Allow shampoo to run through the length of your curls, but do not apply shampoo directly to curls.

• Follow shampoo with conditioner, repeat the same steps.

• Rinse thoroughly with water.

• To dry, gently squeeze out excess water with towel and pat dry