Shake-N-Go Naked 100% Human Hair HD Lace Front Wig - Nerissa

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Color: Natural
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Shake-N-Go Naked 100% Human Hair HD Lace Front Wig - Nerissa is 100% human hair with HD ear to ear lace for that seamless install!
To top it off, Nerissa can also be dyed, bleached, and customized to your preference!


1) How often should I wash my human hair wig?

Answer: Your human hair wig should be washed every 7-14 days of wear. The longevity of your wig is diminished every time you wash it.

2) Can I use shea butter on my human hair wig?

Answer: You can use Shea butter or hair serum to soften the frizzy and dry edges. Gently dab your hair with a towel before you proceed with hair styling tools.

3) Can wearing a wig cause baldness?

Answer: Many people assume that wearing a wig or a hat promotes baldness, however this is a myth. As long as the caps and wigs are not too tight, they will not harm the hair follicles. Traction Alopecia can occur if the hat or wig is overly tight.