Bobbi Boss Synthetic Curly Crochet - Brazilian Water Wave 18"

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Color: #1B
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Bobbi Boss Crochet Braid - Brazilian Water Wave 18"

  • African Roots Braid Collection | Short Curly Crochet Braid
  • Soft & Light | Full Volume | Easy to install.
  • Natural Texture & Great for Protective Style.
  • Available in Ombre Colors.


1) How long can I keep my crochet hair in?

Answer: Expect your installation to last at least four weeks, depending on how well you take care of your crochet braids. Schedule their removal for no later than eight weeks. Just like you would your natural curls, make careful to safeguard your style before night.

2) How often should I wash my crochet braids?

Answer: The decision to wash crochet braided hair extensions is a personal one, but in general, if you plan to wear any hair extensions for longer than three weeks, it is preferable to wash your own hair to prevent buildup or potential matting.

3) Can I put mousse on crochet hair?

Answer: Some people suggest using alcohol-free mousse to maintain crochet braids, but I don't use it because I think it causes a crusty buildup on my hair. As required, cut the ends. Over the course of the style, crochet hair will inevitably become a little frizzy at the ends.