Bobbi Boss Premium Synthetic Wig - M623 Fago

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Color: #34
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Bobbi Boss Premium Synthetic Wig - M623 Fago is crafted with premium quality synthetic fiber for natural looking style and easy care. Bobbi Boss Wigs are comfortable to wear with secure inner comb fitting and adjustable band system.


1) Why does my synthetic wig tangle?

Answer: Tangling can be caused by a variety of factors, including how skillfully the wig is manufactured, whether the cuticles are all pointing in the same way, and whether it's been chemically or color-treated; if the hair is set incorrectly or has been highly treated, it's more likely to tangle.

2) How can I tell if the wig is of good quality?

Answer: A good quality wig must appear like your natural hair and give the feel of it as well. Furthermore, good quality hair should be easy to handle and give you the option of washing and heating just like your natural hair. After all this, the wig will last years to come.

3) Can I sleep with a synthetic wig on?

Answer: Synthetic wigs will almost certainly be damaged, as the contact with the pillow overnight will cause the synthetic hair to become frizzy.  This should be avoided if possible.