B & B Express 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair Bundle Multipack - Straight

Length: 10"-12"-14"
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B & B Express Multipack - Body Wave

100% Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair 

Perm, Bleach, Dye 

One Pack is Enough 


1) Should I wash my human hair bundles before installing?

Answer: Yes, your human hair bundle should be washed before installing to eliminate the dust and debris.

2) How should I keep my human hair bundles silky and shiny?

Answer: Use silicon serum / spray in your hair to keep it silky, shiny, and tangle free.
Brush your bundle / weave twice a day, starting at the tips.
Wash your hair at least once a week.
Never sleep with wet or damp hair.
We recommend air drying your hair.
Spray leave-in conditioner and brush gently.

3) What is Brazilian Virgin Human hair?

Answer: 100% unprocessed hair Brazilian Virgin Human hair has not gone through any chemical treatment, nor been colored and is collected in one cut from a single donor. The hair is tied in a ponytail before the cut and a full head gives 3 bundles of hair.