B & B Express 100% Brazilian Human Hair 13x4 Lace Frontal - Deep Wave

Length: 10"
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B & B Express 13x4 Lace Frontal - Deep Wave

100% Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair


1) How do I keep my lace frontal from lifting?

Answer: Hold the wig in place for a few minutes with your hand by pressing down on the front part near the hairline so that it melts and sticks. Use a blow dryer at a cool set to let the lace stick to your hairline. If you don't want to hold it in place with your hand, tie a silk scarf over the area to keep it in place.

2) How many bundles are needed for a frontal?

Answer: Because the frontal will cover a large portion of your head you will generally only need 2 – 3 bundles depending on the style and length.

3) Which is better lace front or lace frontal?

Answer: A lace frontal is the best choice for women with thinning edges. You can easily mask hair loss along your hairline with an ear to ear lace frontal