Shake-N-Go Naked 100% Human Hair HD Lace Front Wig - Rubina

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Color: Natural
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Shake-N-Go Naked 100% Human Hair HD Lace Front Wig - Rubina is 100% human hair unit in a water curl style that can be dyed, bleached, and styled! It has a soft ear to ear HD lace that blends with most skin tones.


1) How long does a human hair lace front wig last?

Answer: In general, 100% human hair lace front wigs can last 6-12 months, and virgin front lace wigs can last 1-2 years if properly cared for.

2) Can I use curling iron on my human hair wig?

Answer:  If you're curling a human hair wig, it's generally safe to apply heat. Still, you don't want to cook the hair or damage it over time. To protect the strands, apply a heat protectant spray and distribute it evenly throughout each section of hair before applying heat.

3) Is baby shampoo good for wigs?

Answer: Although wig professionals recommend against using anything other than synthetic wig shampoo to clean your wig or hair bundles, nothing beats baby shampoo if you don't have any. This is because baby shampoo is supposed to be less acidic and softer for cleaning wigs in an emergency.