Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Headband Wig - Unit 2

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Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Headband Wig - Unit 2

Textured, tight curly style

  • Functional & Chic On-the-go Styles That Are Great For Any Occasion.
  • Headband Is Made With Cool-Fit Fabric That Actively Pulls Heat From Your Scalp.
  • Drawstring Cap Can Be Adjusted To Fit Various Head Sizes.
  • Combs For Extra Security.


1) How do I keep headband wig from sliding back?

Answer: The wig grip should be tucked behind your ears. Fasten it firmly at the nape of your neck with the Velcro tabs. Your wig grip should be wrapped around your natural hairline. Put your wig on properly, making sure the front matches with your natural hairline and shaking it from side to side to check the wig grip is secure.

2) How long do headband wigs last?

Answer: They usually last anywhere from six months to a year. If you treat it as if it were your own hair and take proper care of it, it may last longer than a year.

3) Are headband wigs worth?

Answer: Headband wigs are a simple to wear choice that only requires your natural hair to be slicked back or braided down underneath. Headband wigs are an excellent alternative if you're not experienced with wig application. It not only eliminates the need for combs, clips, or glue, but it also seems more natural than lace wigs.