Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Full Wig - Unit 3

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Color: #613
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Sensationnel Dashly Synthetic Full Wig - Unit 3

Unit 3 has sleek straight bangs with medium length wispy waves.


1) How do I make synthetic wigs look more realistic?

Answer: Underneath your wig, put on a wig cap. This will ensure that your wig fits properly and looks natural on your head. Secure the wig to the cap with bobby pins. This will prevent the wig from causing any strange bumps or lumps on your head.

2) Can wearing a wig affect hair growth?

Answer: Wearing a wig will not prevent hair growth. However, if the hair beneath your wig isn't properly protected or cared for, it can cause damage to your hair and stunt its growth.

3) Can I use hairspray on synthetic wigs?

Answer: When caring for and styling synthetic hair wigs, it is critical to utilize products designed exclusively for this type of hair fibers. Hairspray used for human hair might damage synthetic fibers and ruin your wig.