Rio 12A Brazilian 100% Virgin Hair Clip-Ins

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Rio 12A Brazilian 100% Virgin Hair Clip-Ins 


1) How long can I wear clip-ins?

Answer: What many people tend to forget is that even though clip-in hair is not your natural hair, it still needs extra care and attention. In the case of synthetic clip-in extensions, these generally don't last more than 2 – 3 months, especially if you're going to wash, style and wear them often.

2) Can clip-ins damage your hair?

Answer: The fact is clip-in extensions don't really cause extreme damage unless you're wearing it in an extremely high ponytail.

3) Can I shower with clip-in hair extensions?

Answer: If you have a clip-in hair, you can leave the wefts in a shower cap overnight to give the mask time to work. Just be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly after each application to avoid a residue and prevent the extensions from slipping.