Outre Pretty Quick Synthetic Drawstring Ponytail - Evan 30"

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Outre Pretty Quick Synthetic Drawstring Ponytail - Evan 30" 

  • Made with Premium Synthetic Fiber
  • Quick and Easy Styling
  • Variety of Natural Curly Styles
  • Lightweight
  • Soft Feel & Natural Luster


1) Can I use hairspray on synthetic hair?

Answer: When caring for and styling synthetic hair, it is critical to utilize products designed exclusively for this type of hair fibers. Hairspray used for human hair might damage synthetic fibers and ruin your wig.

2) How do I de-frizz a synthetic ponytail?


  1. Smooth Hair Fibers Using Dryer Sheets. 
  2. Brush Through Sections With A Wide Tooth Comb. 
  3. Flat Iron Hair Lengths.
  4. Dissolve Static With A Portable Steamer.
  5. Apply Leave-In Conditioner.
  6. Smooth And Shape With A Hot Air Brush.
  7. Snip And Trim.

3) Is drawstring ponytail a protective style?

Answer: A drawstring ponytail is one of my favorite protective styling options. I adore how they appear natural and how adaptable they are for everyday life. In less than a minute, you may quickly switch from a natural to a protected style.