Ka'Fune Melt Me Down Holding Spray 2.25oz

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Ka'Fune Melt Me Down Holding Spray 2.25oz
Get a long-lasting hold without sacrificing your edges!
Our Melt Me Down Spray gives you a long-lasting yet comfortable hold, so you can have total confidence that your wig will stay perfectly in place all day while you’re out and about. Your hold can even last 3 to 4 days with quick, daily touchups. To make sure your natural hair is just as gorgeous as your wig, this spray protects your edges while giving you a clean, flake-less hold without any product buildup.
Need an even longer and stronger hold? Pair the Melt Me Down Spray with our Blu Me Away Lace Gel and our Guard My Skin to the Maxx skin protector for a glueless install.  The spray can also be combined with a long-term wear lace wig adhesive.

Size: 2.25 oz. 


  1. Remove residue from around the hairline with our alcohol wipes.
  2. Spray thin layers of the lace melting spray to the desired hairline.
  3. Wait until the melting spray becomes tacky.
  4. Apply lace to the tacky substance you created above your hairline.
  5. Spray more layers of the lace melting spray until the lace completely adheres.

Note: For best results, tie-down for 15-20 minutes with an elastic band.