Beautiful Day Vossmi HD Lace Wig - #4T4/27

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Beautiful Day Vossmi HD Lace Wig - #4T4/27

HD 13x4 Lace Wigs 

Natural Hairline 

Baby Hair 



1) How long can I wear a human hair wig?

Answer: Human hair wigs, on average, last longer than synthetic wigs. With careful maintenance, human hair wigs can last up to a year. Synthetic wigs have a six-month lifespan. Synthetic wigs that are heat-friendly may have a shorter lifespan.

2) Do you have to use glue with lace front wigs?

Answer: Not all lace front wigs will need tape or glue. There are some newer styles where the lace is only from temple to temple so they will lay flat on your forehead and do not need any adhesive. Other traditional lace front wigs will need glue or tape.

3) Can I put leave in conditioner on my human hair wig?

Answer: You can use Human Hair Wig Leave-in Conditioner spray to prolong the life of your wig, detangle hair, prevent dryness, provide freshness feeling, promote silkiness, shine, body, and volume.