Bobbi Boss Synthetic & Human Blend Lace Front Wig - MBLF210 Mora

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Bobbi Boss Synthetic & Human Blend  Lace Front Wig - MBLF210 Mora is a beach wave 24" Style with ear-to-ear parting space and 5" deep part.


1) What is a human synthetic blend wig?

Answer: A human hair blend wig is made out of a combination of human and synthetic hair (normally heat friendly synthetic). This will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

2) How do I soften human blend lace front wig?

Answer: Washing the wig in cold water is the first step in softening it. Always remember that hot water affects the texture of the wig and makes it rough, so wash it with cold water. To make the wig texture sleek and silky, add one cup of fabric softener to it. This fabric softener also gives your wigs a lustrous sheen.

3) Do wigs fall off?

Answer: With today's innovations in wig design, it's exceedingly unlikely that a wig will fall off if worn correctly. If you're wearing the wrong size, however, you're more likely to lose your wig.