Bobbi Boss Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - MLF632 Gabby

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Bobbi Boss Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - MLF632 Gabby is a long, loose wave style that comes in a variety of special colors. 


  • Premium Synthetic 
  • Pro Color Series
  • 5" Deep Lace Part
  • Safe Heat Styling
  • HD Lace


1) How do I store my wig?

Answer: A wig stand is the finest way to store your wig. This not only keeps your wig from becoming tangled or flat between wears, but it also keeps the style and shape of your wig. Your wig should ideally be kept in a clean, dry location away from dust and sources of high heat or flame. If you don't have a wig stand, turn your wig inside out and store it in a shoe box or something similar.

2) How do I hide my hair under the wig?

Answer: The nape of your neck is usually the ideal spot to hide your hair under a wig, and most wigs have a little more stretch in this area to allow it. If your hair is long enough, simply tie it in a bun and place it beneath the wig cap before putting on the wig. The wig will stretch around the bun.

3) Can I cut my wig?

Answer: Yes, of course! A quick trim is usually hassle free. If you're thinking about restyling or thinning your wig, we strongly recommend you to take it to a professional hairstylist who can either advise you or do it for you.