Bobbi Boss Premium Synthetic Full Wig - M1050 Scarlett

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Color: #DYAT1B/BUG
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Bobbi Boss Synthetic Full Wig - M1050 Scarlett is a short asymmetrical style that comes in a variety of special colors. 

  • Pro-Cut Professional Salon Style
  • Medifresh Safe 
  • Heat Safe 


1) Can I wear a synthetic wig in the sun?

Answer: Wearing synthetic hair on the beach without covering up is not advised. The color may fade and the wig's structure may be damaged by prolonged direct sunlight. Wear a scarf or a big, floppy hat to shield your wig from the sun if you intend to spend a lot of time outside.

2) How should I make this wig look fresh always?

Answer:  To keep your wig looking new and fresh, follow these tips and tricks.
1. Gently detangle with a wide tooth comb before washing.
2. Soak your wig in a bowl of water with a capful of shampoo for a few minutes.
3. Rinse well and apply conditioner to the hair in a downward motion. Rinse after a few minutes.
4. Shake and pat dry to renew the style.
5. Allow to air dry on a wig stand.

3) Can I make synthetic wig look real?

Answer: Spray a dry shampoo over the hair to make synthetic strands more matte. Synthetic wigs are often made of plastic, which can have an unnatural shine. Put the wig on loosely and spray the dry shampoo all over like you would your natural hair.