Bobbi Boss Boss Lace Synthetic Lace Front Wig - MLF430 Faith

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Bobbi Boss Boss Lace Synthetic Lace Front Wig - MLF430 Faith

Color Shown#TT4/27613

    Health and Beauty Come Together! Boss Lace MEDIFRESH is Designed to Deliver the Protection you Need to Look and Feel Beautiful All Day Long.
    • Safe & Clean Cap
    • Blocks UV Rays
    • Anti Bacterial
    • Great Ventilation
    • Safe Heat Styling


    1) Why do synthetic wigs get frizzy?

    Answer: When you use synthetic wigs on a regular basis, they become frizzy. When you put these wigs near heating appliances, they lose their attractive look and shape. The wigs become drier as a result of the heat, and the synthetic fibers begin to produce static electricity.

    2) Can I shower with this wig on?

    Answer: With a lace wig, you may shower. Although we can shower while wearing a lace wig, inexpensive lace wigs cannot be washed on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that lace wigs are not the same as natural hair, which may absorb moisture and oils from the scalp.

    3) Is baby shampoo good for wigs?

    Answer: Although wig professionals recommend against using anything other than synthetic wig shampoo to clean your wig or hair bundles, nothing beats baby shampoo if you don't have any. This is because baby shampoo is supposed to be less acidic and softer for cleaning wigs in an emergency.