Beautiful Day Vossmi HD Lace Wig - #6T6/613

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Beautiful Day Vossmi HD Lace Wig - #6T6/613

HD 13x4 Lace Wigs 

Natural Hairline 

Baby Hair 



1) Are lace front wigs uncomfortable?

Answer: On warmer days, the translucent lace includes microscopic holes that let air to move freely throughout the scalp, preventing you from feeling overheated and uncomfortable. In a nutshell, wearing a lace front wig in the summer is incredibly cool and pleasant, which is why so many people prefer them.

2) How do I secure a wig without glue?

Answer: Some people do that to swap it out for a different look or to cool down. In this case, you should use bobby pins or wig clips to temporarily secure your wig. Both tape and glue will require a great deal of effort for such short periods.

3) Can lace front wigs be taken off everyday?

Answer: Lace front wigs can be removed at any time. You can extend the life of your wig by removing it at night to reduce the wear and tear caused by your daily activities. Furthermore, you can take care of your natural hair while wearing the wig, allowing your scalp and natural hair to breathe.